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Montanans Against Assisted (MAAS)
A Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation

In 2011, Senate Bill 167, which would have legalized assisted suicide in Montana, was defeated in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  This defeat was due in part to the efforts of what is now Montanans Against Assisted Suicide.

In 2013, we and our allies easily defeated Senate Bill 220, which had sought to legalize assisted suicide in Montana.  

Our own bill, HB 505, which had sought to reverse Baxter's holding and provide prosecutors with a lower sentencing option than current law, passed the House, but was defeated by four votes in the Senate before it was tabled. 

For more information regarding the current situation as of January 2014, please read this message to our supporters.

Please join us.  We are a single issue group.  We welcome everyone opposed to assisted-suicide and/or euthanasia regardless of your views on other issues.

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Bradley D. Williams
Montanans Against Assisted Suicide,
a Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation
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