Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Assisted Suicide Laws Can Lead to Murder


I am the President of Montanans Against Assisted Suicide. Thank you for your Associated Press article about our lawsuit against the Board of Medical Examiners. We are awaiting the results of the court hearing. [We won!, click here]

I would like to alert your readers to our upcoming event "Assisted-Suicide: Whose Choice?" The title refers to the reality of assisted suicide legalization in which the choice of whether someone dies can be determined by someone other than the patient.  Consider this observation by Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, who will be our keynote speaker. He states:
A 2009 report by MetLife Mature Market Institute describes elder financial abuse as a crime "growing in intensity." The perpetrators are often family members, some of whom feel themselves "entitled" to the elder's assets. The report states that they start out with small crimes, such as stealing jewelry and blank checks, before moving on to larger items or coercing elders to sign over the deeds to their homes, change their wills or liquidate their assets.  The report also states that victims "may even be murdered" by perpetrators.

With assisted-suicide laws in Washington and Oregon, perpetrators can instead take a "legal" route, by getting an elder to sign a lethal dose request. Once the prescription is filled, there is no supervision over administration ... even if a patient struggled, "who would know?" 
Our event will be Saturday, June 29, at the Great Falls Hilton Garden Inn.  For more information, click here or call 406-531-0937.

Bradley Williams

Monday, June 24, 2013

MAAS Wins First Round in Board Lawsuit!

Montanans Against Assisted Suicide (MAAS) has been engaged in an ongoing dispute with the Montana Board of Medical Examiners regarding the validity of "Position Statement No. 20."  The statement wrongfully implies that assisted suicide is legal in Montana.

On December 17, 2012, MAAS brought suit against the Board in Lewis and Clark County seeking judicial review, declaratory judgment and other relief.  A copy of MAAS's petition can be viewed by clicking here.  Attachments to that petition can be viewed by clicking here and here.

On June 5, 2013, the Board moved to limit the record on review to just two documents.  MAAS responded by arguing that the record included the Board's entire record on Position Statement No. 20, beginning in September 2011 and ending on November 16, 2012.  On June 20, 2013, Judge Mike Menahan agreed.  A copy of his order can be viewed here.

Please consider a making a generous donation to keep legal assisted suicide and euthanasia out of Montana.  $10 or  $10,000, it all helps.  To donate, please click here.


For more information, please contact Bradley Williams at 406 531 0937 or  bradley@montanansagainstassistedsuicide.org

Thank you!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Beware of Vultures: Senator Jennifer Fielder on Compassion & Choices

"[I]t seems odd that the top lobby spender in Montana this year was Compassion and Choices, a 'nonprofit' group that spent $160,356 advocating for legalization of assisted suicide."
By Senator Jennifer Fielder

As we wrangled through the budget this spring, the beautiful state capitol began to feel like a big, ripe carcass with a dark cloud of vultures circling about.  
Senator Jennifer Fielder

The magnitude of money in government attracts far more folks who want to be on the receiving end than it does those who just want fair and functional government. Until that ratio improves, it may be impossible to rein in unnecessary regulation and spending. 

Special interest groups spent over $6 million dollars on lobbyists to pressure Montana legislators during the 2013 session. Seems like a lot of money, until you compare it to the billions of taxpayer dollars at stake. Does the average taxpayer stand a chance against organized forces like that?

Assisted suicide: Senate bill was defeated


June 09, 2013 9:45 am

I was appalled to read Charles Johnson’s article implying that assisted suicide is legal in Montana. To the contrary, Senate Bill 220, which had sought to legalize assisted-suicide, was defeated in committee during the 2013 legislative session. The bill was tabled, nine votes to three. See www.montanansagainstassistedsuicide.org/p/sb-220-tabled.html.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Great Falls Event Saturday June 29th!

Join us for an interesting and provocative afternoon.  For a print flyer, please click here.

Title:  "Assisted Suicide:  Whose Choice?"
Date: Saturday, June 29, 2013
Registration:  Noon 
Program:  1 to 4pm 
Reception:  informal discussions/reception to follow
Where:  Hilton Garden Inn, 2520 14th St. SW, Great Falls, MT.
Cost/RSVP:  No cost or rsvp required. 
More Information:  Contact Bradley Williams at Bradley@MontanansAgainstAssistedSuicide.org or by phone at 406 531 0937. 
Continuing Legal Education:  For lawyers, 1.0 CLE credit pending for the Dore/Tummarello presentation.  See below.

Keynote Speaker:

Alex Schadenberg
Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition and Chair of the Euthanasia Coalition International, based in Ontario, Canada.  These organizations are a barrier to the legalization of assisted suicide/euthanasia worldwide.  Mr. Schadenberg is a recognized expert on assisted suicide and euthanasia.  He is an exciting and engaging speaker.  His topic:  "Legal Assisted Suicide - A Threat to Public Safety."

Other Speakers:

Margaret Dore is an attorney in Washington State where assisted suicide is legal.  She is also President of Choice is an Illusion, a nonprofit corporation opposed to assisted suicide.  Her topic:  "Assisted Suicide, A Legal Perspective - What does Baxter mean?  Is Baxter Wrong?"  

Philip Tummarello is a Retired Police Sergeant Inspector, now living in Stevensville, MT.  His topic:  "Assisted Suicide:  A Law Enforcement Perspective." 

Carol Mungas is the widow of James E. Mungas, a prominent Great Falls physician.  To see his story, click here.