Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ruth Plesner Published in the Senior News

I strongly support the editorials by Bradley Williams and Ted Friesen regarding assisted suicide.  It is sobering to see that where people choose to live can be influenced by where they hope to have the freedom to continue living. 

We need to reject proposals to encourage doctors to practice assisted suicide.  This is not in the public interest for the following reasons:

Assisted suicide can foster elder abuse by allowing heirs to pressure older people to cut their lives short.  It can also allow health care practitioners to steer people toward assisted suicide.[*]  Besides its effects on the elderly and chronically ill, I am very concerned about this death culture and its effect on our young people.  We have a high rate of suicide already, and legalization and/or encouragement of assisted suicide will only make it worse (as it has in Oregon).

We should not encourage assisted suicide in any way.  All of our lives depend on it.

Ruth Plesner, Victor

[*  For more information about suicide steerage, click here to view the affidavit of Dr. Ken Stevens.]